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Workers' Injury

ANEW Medical & Rehabilitation Offers Care For Workers’ Injury

Individuals are often engaged in a variety of tasks at work and sometimes an injury can occur. The injury can cause pain and can affect your range of motion, making it difficult for you to perform your duties. Chiropractic care and rehabilitation can restore these individuals to health and normal function. At ANEW Medical & Rehabilitation in Joliet, IL, we provide care for common workers’ injuries and rehabilitation to help individuals return to their everyday life.

ANEW Medical & Rehabilitation Offers Care For Workers’ Injury

Common Workplace Injuries

Strains and sprains are among the most common worker injuries. Repetitive motions can lead to back pain, shoulder pain, neck strains, and other problems. Slips and falls are another common occurrence in the workplace, with injuries that can impair normal movement. Contact with equipment and other objects in the work environment is another situation that can lead to problems. Although companies often implement safety programs to ensure health and safety, these injuries can still occur, leading to lost wages and ongoing health issues.

Techniques to Relieve Pain & Improve Function

Manual adjustment helps to re-align the spine for more effective movement and relief the pressure on muscles and nerves. Cold laser therapy helps to soothe injuries and improve healing. Corrective exercises help to strengthen supporting muscles, restoring flexibility, and range of motion. We also use ultrasound, interferential electric muscle stimulation, and mechanical traction to improve comfort and range of motion. In addition, our chiropractor can provide advice on ergonomic improvements, both at work and at home, to prevent re-injury and to help you function with greater physical efficiency.

Rehabilitation Can Help Get Your Normal Life Back

Getting you back to your normal activities is a critical part to your care after an injury. The process may require a variety of healing methods, designed to suit your individual needs. Our chiropractor will work with you to find the methods that work best for you, to ensure you maximize your physical ability after an injury.

Make ANEW Medical & Rehabilitation Your Chiropractor in Joliet

Dr. Rubis uses her extensive training in chiropractic care to help patients in Joliet, IL and surrounding areas overcome workplace injuries and get back to their normal activities. We treat a wide range of problems, including back pain, herniated discs, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, headaches, sciatica, and auto accident injuries. Call ANEW Medical & Rehabilitation today at 815-207-7463 to learn about the many techniques we offer to help workers’ injury and restore you to optimal function.

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