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About Us

About ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation in Joliet, IL

ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation is a patient-focused healthcare clinic that specializes in “whole-body” wellness. This approach to health is twofold: we work to find underlying causes for illnesses and injuries and we also, as much as possible, avoid the use of drugs and surgical intervention to help you heal. We believe that optimal health is not only a product of the body, mind, and emotions working cooperatively together but also that the body has the innate ability to heal itself if given the proper hands-on guidance. The entire staff at ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation, led by Dr. Lisa Rubis (chiropractor), works closely with patients on a daily basis to help them better understand how they can become active partners in their own healthcare and long-term wellness.

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What We Do

Since our goal is to provide patients with all-natural, drug-free and non-invasive treatments whenever possible, we rely on a variety of holistic techniques and skilled practitioners to help achieve that goal. While we do understand that, sometimes, traditional Western medicine may be necessary, We do our best to explore and utilize holistic treatment plans first and foremost. Chiropractic adjustments serve to correct the misalignment, thereby reducing the pressure on the nerves and alleviating the pain. We use the effective and widely accepted, Activator technique, using a gentle instrument.

Other holistic treatment modalities that chiropractors may sometimes use to enhance the healing process include massage therapy and nutritional counseling.

Conditions We Treat

Although many people come to us for help with chronic conditions such as back or neck pain, we understand that many of these types of conditions are often a symptom of a larger problem. Some of the most common ailments that we successfully treated patients for are:

  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • TMJ / TMD
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Herniated Disc
  • Sore Muscles

When You Should See Our Joliet Chiropractor

Signs that you may want to schedule a consultation with a chiropractor include chronic pain in the back, neck or shoulders, pain that interferes with the range of motion in your arms, waist or neck, difficulty with standing up, sitting down or bending over and routinely experiencing numbness or tingling in your extremities. Before any treatment regimen is performed or prescribed, however, we make sure that you get a thorough exam and x-rays so that we have an accurate picture of what combination of treatments will best suit your particular condition, lifestyle, and level of fitness.

New Patients Are Welcome!

At ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation we welcome all new patients! It’s important to us that we not only make you feel comfortable and safe when you walk in the door but that we educate you on the best ways to incorporate all-natural health, wellness and physical fitness into your daily lifestyle. The New Patient Portal on our website has a wealth of helpful information about what you’ll experience during your first visit with us, as well as forms you can fill out beforehand so that you’ll be able to see the chiropractor as soon as possible after you arrive.

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Contact us at 815-207-7463 to schedule your no-obligation consultation. we look forward to serving all of you and your family’s health and wellness needs!

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Lisa has done great things for my TMJ. She is easy to talk to and always willing to listen."

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