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Chiropractic Services and Techniques

ANEW Chiropractic in Joliet, IL, offers health benefits through the use of chiropractic care focused on a whole person approach. The goal is to solve the underlying problem causing back or joint pain rather than only addressing the symptoms, as traditional doctors are often prone to do. There are multiple techniques available to conduct such a service, whether pain was caused by an immediate injury or is the result of general misalignment causing excessive stress to the affected area.

Physical and Massage Therapy

Physical and massage therapies are often used at the beginning of treatment and in conjunction with ongoing procedures to align the spine and reduce muscle stress. Such therapies are also used as a diagnostic tool, for unlike a masseuse, when a doctor gives a massage she is also feeling for any misalignment of discs or joints while correcting any sort of problem areas which might be causing pain. Physical therapy consists of stretching and exercises which can be continued at home by the patient, and are designed to correct poor posture and continue to straighten misalignment between sessions.

Spinal Adjustment Done by a Chiropractor

Although many sessions are going to start and end with massage therapy, there is typically going to be a period in between in which the doctor conducts spinal adjustment. Such treatment can correct a number of problems, such as herniated discs, worn spinal joints, sciatica, or spinal misalignment causing neck or back pain. Spinal alignment is part of an ongoing customized treatment plan tailored to the needs of each individual patient.

Recovery from Injury

Injuries can occur at work, especially with jobs which are physically demanding. They also happen with older people and children, each of which we cater to at ANEW Chiropractic. Other injuries might take place during sporting events, and of course during an automobile accident. Although there are certain injuries which are typical of these scenarios, it should again be emphasized how there are likely to be slight nuances with each patient's situation requiring a custom designed treatment plan. Although our health plans are generally based on massage and physical therapy in tandem with spinal adjustments, further chiropractic services are likely to involve laser therapy, nutritional counseling, and ergonomics coaching to improve posture.

Finding a Local Chiropractic Care Office

In Joliet, Illinois, ANEW Chiropractic is led by D. Lisa Rubis, a licensed chiropractor with 13 years of experience. You'll find her and all of our staff to be courteous, professional, and understanding of the pain you feel as we determine a best method treatment process toward improving your health. Give us a call at 815-207-7463 to find out more.

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  • "Dr. Lisa has done great things for my TMJ. She is easy to talk to and always willing to listen."

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