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Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment From ANEW Medical

Whether you routinely suffer from back pain or are experiencing it for the first time, finding a remedy so you can enjoy moving around without pain or discomfort is a concern. Contacting ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation in Joliet to meet with our chiropractor is a positive way to find the results you desire regarding the minimizing of symptoms of back pain. Here is some general information about back pain and how our chiropractor can help..

Chiropractor treating patient for back painDifferent Types of Back Pain

Finding the source for pain in the back can be a bit tricky as there are several reasons why discomfort occurs in this region. Back pain is usually classified by the location where discomfort is felt. Knowing whether you are suffering from lower, middle, or upper back pain will help a physician or our chiropractor pinpoint the reason for discomfort. Ask someone to gently touch different portions of your back to determine which spots are painful before seeing a practitioner for an assessment.

Common Causes for Pain in The Back

Some of the more common reasons for back pain include a slipped disc, a pinched nerve, arthritis, osteoporosis, referred pain, pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, or muscle trauma. Back pain can be caused as a result of poor posture and form. It could also be contributed to using poor ergonomic practices in the workplace, such as sitting or standing in one location for an extended time period, using improper tools to conduct job tasks, or lifting excessive weight amounts without an appropriate back brace or help from another person. If you engage in an active lifestyle, overusing the muscles or finding yourself in pain as the result of a sporting or exercise injury may occur. Back problems are also often experienced after a vehicular or workplace accident happens. 

Treating Back Pain with Help from our Joilet Chiropractor

Making an appointment to meet with our chiropractor will give you the relief you are looking for if you suffer from back pain. First, our practitioner will do an assessment of your condition to determine which part of your back is in need of treatment. They will then provide relief with non-invasive measures and without the use of medication. Treatment usually includes spinal adjustments or manipulation of the back muscles using gentle movements, temperature therapy, electric stimulation, lifestyle changes, and exercises or stretches.

If you are interested in alleviating back pain, consider contacting ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation in Joliet to get started with a treatment plan for your specific situation. Reach out to our chiropractor today by calling our practice at 815-207-7463 to find out more about the procedures used or to make an appointment for an assessment.


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