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Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain is pain that is long-term. It can also cause swelling and sensitivity to the knee. There are many conditions that can contribute to this type of knee pain. Chronic knee pain is different than temporary knee pain. Temporary knee pain is of the result of an accident or injury, and it can be treated. Chronic knee pain won't go away without treatment.

knee pain treatment

What Conditions Can Cause Chronic Knee Pain?

There are certain diseases and conditions that can cause long-term pain in the knee. These include:

    • Osteoarthritis: This condition causes the joint to deteriorate or degenerate. The condition causes pain and inflammation in the knee.
    • Tendinitis: This condition causes pain in the front of the knee. The pain becomes worse when you walk up stairs, walk up hills, or climb.
    • Bursitis: This condition is caused when you overuse your knee or when it is injured. It causes pain and swelling.
    • Dislocation: A dislocated knee can occur during an accident or trauma. It can cause severe pain that can continue even after the joint is put back into place.
    • Meniscus tear: This injury occurs when there is a rupture in the cartilage of the knee. Without proper treatment, the pain can be severe.
    • Torn ligament: This injury occurs when one of the four ligaments in the knee is torn. The most common ligament to tear is the ACL and treatment would be required to repair it. Once the ligament is torn, it can be easily torn again.

Who Is At Risk For Chronic Knee Pain?

There are certain people who are more at risk of suffering from chronic knee pain. These include:

    • Age: As you get older, your knees start to wear out. This makes you more prone to developing a condition that causes knee pain or having an injury.
    • Previous trauma or injury: If you have injured your knee in the past, chronic knee pain is not uncommon.
    • Athletic activity: If you are an athlete or if your workout often, you are at risk.

What Are the Symptoms Of Chronic Knee Pain?

The symptoms of chronic knee pain would depend on the cause of pain. The most common symptoms include:

    • A constant ache
    • A sharp, shooting pain when walking or bending
    • A dull burning discomfort

How Is Chronic Knee Pain Diagnosed?

There are a few tests that a doctor would run to diagnose the cause of the knee pain. A physical exam, an x-ray, an MRI, or a CT scan are common tests.

How Is Chronic Knee Pain Treated?

The most common treatments from chronic knee pain include:

    • Physical therapy: Physical therapy will strengthen the knee and leg muscles.
    • Medication: Certain medications can relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
    • Injections: Corticosteroid injections are injected into the joint and can quickly reduce the pain and the inflammation.
    • Surgery: Surgery may be required to treat the injury or condition that is causing the knee pain.
    • Chiropractic care: A chiropractor can combine adjustments and exercise to relieve the pain.

If you are suffering from chronic knee pain, you should schedule an appointment with ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation in Joliet. Our chiropractor can create a treatment plan to strengthen the knee and reduce your pain level.  

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