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TMJ Disorder-Symptoms, Cause and Chiropractic Care from your Joliet, IL  Chiropractor

If you are experiencing pain in your jaw, especially first thing in the morning or while chewing, you may be suffering with temporomandibular joint disorder-a painful condition that interferes with jaw movement.

Man suffering from jaw painWhat is TMJ?

Temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMD, is a condition that affects the temporomandibular joints, which connect your jaws to the skull. Your temporomandibular joint is what allows you to open and close your mouth for talking, yawning and eating. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) results when there is injury to the temporomandibular joint, the ligaments, cartilage and/or the bone. In most situations, TMD can be corrected with the help of a chiropractic doctor in Joliet.

Symptoms of TMJ

The first step for TMJ treatment is recognizing the symptoms. TMJ disorders are generally temporary and can be relieved with self-managed care combined with a treatment plan from your doctor in Joliet, so as soon as you suspect you may be suffering from TMD, you should schedule a clinic appointment as soon as possible. Symptoms of TMJ disorders typically include:

  • A clicking sound when you open and/or close your mouth, such as when chewing
  • Pain around your ear
  • Dull, aching pain in your face
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Lockjaw
  • Jaw tenderness

Causes of TMJ

There are a variety of causes for temporomandibular joint disorder, including osteoarthritis, stress, and injury and/or grinding your teeth. The parts of the bone within the joint are surrounded by cartilage and separated by a shock absorbing disk, both of which help to maintain smooth movement of the joint. A common cause of the disorder is due to teeth grinding or clenching your teeth, which is often done when stressed. Your doctor will do a series of tests to help determine the cause of your TMD; however, keep in mind that an exact cause isn’t always known, so the clinic treatment plan may include ways to reduce your stress in attempt to decrease your symptoms of stress.

Chiropractic care is an excellent resource for the treatment of TMJ, especially if the disorder is caused by stress or osteoarthritis. Your doctor can create a treatment that includes stress management, advice for changes in lifestyle, breathing techniques, exercise or massage therapy; all of which are excellent for relieving the symptoms of stress induced TMJ. Chiropractic care may also include adjustments, which will help to relieve the pain and muscle tension in your neck as well as relieve many of the symptoms of TMJ that are associated with osteoarthritis.

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TMJ FAQ’s Answered by Our Joliet Chiropractor

If you have had incidents occur where your jaw remains open and you have difficulty closing your mouth, there is a possibility you suffer from TMJ. This condition can make it difficult to eat some items and may cause you pain or embarrassment. Making an appointment to see our doctor at ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation in Joliet is an option available to help reduce pain and the frequency of lockjaw. TMJ treatment is administered in the comfort of our clinic. Here are some frequently asked questions to read over if you believe you are suffering from TMJ.

What Is TMJ And How Can ANEW Medical And Rehabilitation In Joliet Help?

TMJ is an acronym for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. This disorder is disturbing as it can cause pain, discomfort, and embarrassment if the jaw remains in an open position every once in a while. It can cause havoc at a dental appointment and the condition causes the locking of the jaw without warning. Seeing our chiropractor can be beneficial in minimizing systems of this condition.

What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of TMJ?

The symptoms of TMJ include pain in the jaw area or ears. You may have trouble opening and closing your mouth if you suffer from this condition. When you move your jaw, you may experience a popping or cracking sound as the jaw attempts to reposition itself. You might also experience pain when you chew food. The jaw will also hurt when you touch the skin opposite the joint where the upper and lower portions come together. The cause of this phenomenon is usually because a jaw is out of alignment. The shape and size of the mandible contribute to this condition as well.

What TMJ Treatment Options Are Available at ANEW Medical And Rehabilitation In Joliet?

TMJ treatment can be administered at our clinic to relieve any pain you experience from TMJ. This is done by having our chiropractor remove tension in the spine via manual manipulation. When the tension dissipates, the pressure placed on nerves throughout the body disappears as well. This will then take away the discomfort you feel from TMJ. The process requires continuous care from our chiropractor for the best results. Our chiropractor will also provide you with recommendations on how to minimize lockjaw incidents and may use temperature therapy to help relieve discomfort if needed. This can also be done at home on your own if you desire.

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If you suffer from symptoms of TMJ, making an appointment with our doctor at ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation in Joliet can be extremely beneficial. Our TMJ treatment options are conducted in the comfort of our clinic. Contact us at 815-207-7463 today to find out more about the processes used to relieve the symptoms associated with your condition.

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