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Fibromyalgia Treatment From Your Chiropractor In Joliet, IL

Many of the fibromyalgia patients who visit ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation in Joliet have suffered from the disorder for a long time. In some cases, it has derailed a cherished lifestyle. While there is no cure, patients can look forward to natural treatment options from our chiropractor that avoid surgery and medication.


Understanding Fibromyalgia

One of the most frustrating aspects of fibromyalgia is the broad range of symptoms this condition generates. The most common signs our chiropractor sees include:

  • Widespread musculoskeletal pain
  • Pervasive fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Sleep issues

Our patients also report symptoms such as depression, tension headaches, anxiety, TMJ, and irritable bowel syndrome.

While it is sometimes possible to track the appearance of symptoms to an isolated event, they can also become severe over an extended period. A surgical procedure, infection, or instance of trauma could trigger the condition. Genetics might play a role, and being female carries a far greater risk of developing this disorder than males. 

Chiropractic Treatment of Fibromyalgia

A positive diagnosis of fibromyalgia occurs after a comprehensive physical exam from our Joliet chiropractor, including an evaluation of the individual’s health history. It must meet defined healthcare criteria:

  • Specific numerical scores on a pain and symptoms severity scale calculated by a professional association
  • Persistence of symptoms at the same level for at least three months
  • Ruling out other health issues that might be responsible for the patient’s symptoms

Patients with a positive diagnosis receive a personalized treatment plan that sometimes includes a combination of therapies. Adjustments are the mainstay of chiropractic care for fibromyalgia.

Chiropractors are the only healthcare providers trained to administer adjustments. They improve the mechanical functioning of the body and make it easier for nerve signals to travel to their respective destinations. This therapy helps maintain the ability of muscles and spinal components to move.

An adjustment involves applying quick yet, gentle pressure to the spine. The objective is to resolve the misalignment of any vertebrae.

Some patients benefit from prescribed exercises and physiotherapy. These self-care steps are often also helpful:

  • Making sure to get sufficient sleep
  • Making occupational accommodations
  • Getting enough physical activity
  • Following dietary advice
  • Taking any supplements recommended

Schedule a Consultation with Our Joliet Chiropractor

Are symptoms associated with fibromyalgia interfering with the lifestyle you love? ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation in Joliet is a patient-focused clinic devoted to whole-body wellness. Our chiropractor, Dr. Lisa Rubis, can help you enjoy a pain-free life using natural therapies that encourage the body to heal itself under her experienced guidance. Call us today at 815-207-7463 to schedule a consultation and learn how chiropractic care can improve your life.

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