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Heel Pain from Running

An Overview of Heel Pain from Running from ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation

Pain is one of the most common reasons why someone seeks the care of a doctor. Pain can develop in a variety of locations, and for those who run regularly, they might develop pain in their heel. When someone runs, their heels take the brunt of the force. For most people, their heel strikes the ground before any other part of their foot. As a result, the repeated impact on the heel can cause people to develop pain in this area. The impact may also travel up the leg, leading to pain in other parts of the body. There are several reasons why people might have pain in their heel from running. The team from ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation in Joliet is here to discuss this vital topic.


Common Causes of Heel Pain from Running

If someone is feeling pain in their heel after running long distances, there are many reasons why this might be present. Some of these include:

Stress Fracture: Pain in the heels might be due to a developed stress fracture. A stress fracture is a small break in the bone that occurs from chronic, repetitive stress in that location.

Muscle Strain: The muscles of the heel might also become strained due to repetitive overuse. It is necessary for those who have a muscle strain to take some time off, allowing their muscles to rest.

Joint Sprain: In some cases, there might even be a joint sprain present. A joint sprain occurs when the ligaments of the foot become damaged. This can happen from repetitive use or from rolling the foot.

Active Release Technique from Heel Pain

One of the tools that a trained medical provider might have at disposal is something called active release technique. Often shortened to ART, this treatment can be used to help people who have pain or discomfort in their muscles, ligaments, joints, and more. For this reason, this technique is also ideal for those who have pain in their heel from running. This technique treats the various soft tissues throughout the body using a combination of movement and manipulation. It's sufficient for those who are suffering from discomfort due to running.

Trust ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation for All Sports Pain Needs

Anyone who would like to learn more about heel pain and active release technique should call ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation today to make an appointment. We are here to serve the Joliet area for any sports pain and injury needs. Please call us today to make an appointment. We are here to help you.


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