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Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated by Our Chiropractor in Joliet, IL

You may think a chiropractor is a type of medical professional who only helps when you have back pain after a car accident. However, this branch of medicine consists of much more. For instance, our chiropractor at ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation, serving Joliet, IL and the surrounding area, helps those who have everything from jaw pain and joint pain to headaches. We see patients of all ages, and it doesn't matter how you developed your muscle pain or weakness.

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Conditions We Treat

We help those who suffer from an auto accident, sports or work-related, or another type of personal injury. We even treat those who have chronic conditions or suffer from issues as a result of repetitive wear and tear. 

At our office, we treat neck and back pain including issues like whiplash, herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, and stenosis. If you have shoulder, leg, or hip pain because of an injury or repetitive stress, we can help. We treat patients who have headaches, migraines, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, scoliosis, and arthritis. 

Treatments We Offer

We offer a variety of treatments to help reduce your pain and discomfort while promoting your recovery and overall well-being. One of the primary treatments for conditions that cause back pain as well as neck pain is a chiropractic alignment. Also known as an adjustment, this particular treatment helps those who have sciatica, whiplash, degenerative disc disease, general back issues from an auto accident, migraines, or other back and neck problems. Our chiropractor uses this technique for migraines and headaches too. For this particular treatment, our chiropractor manually moves your vertebrae, so they line up with the discs in your back, ultimately relieving pressure on your surrounding nerves and soft tissue. 

Another treatment we frequently utilize is exercise therapy. We even have a specialized exercise plan for our patients with TMJ. Our chiropractor guides you through exercises that work your jaw muscle in order to stretch it and promote flexion, ultimately reducing your symptoms. Our chiropractor may manually reposition the jaw as well, which can decrease your pain. We conduct exercise therapy on patients who have neck, back, or other musculoskeletal issues. For this particular treatment, our chiropractor advises you about exercises that you can do to slowly increase how far you can move an area and enhance the strength in it.

Other possible chiropractic treatments include nutritional counseling, lifestyle changes, and physiotherapy.

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Schedule an appointment if you have one of the above conditions or another issue affecting your musculoskeletal system. You can do this by calling ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation, serving Joliet, IL and the surrounding area, at 815-207-7463 today. 



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