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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Causes and Chiropractic Treatments

Most everyone experiences shoulder pain at some time in their life. If you overexert yourself at the gym or lift too many heavy objects during a move, you can easily stress out your shoulder muscles, causing pain. Mild shoulder pain will generally subside on its own given time.  If pain persists or worsens, however, it is wise to have a checkup with a Joliet chiropractor. An evaluation from ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation will uncover the cause of your pain so you can get relief.

Shoulder Pain Causes

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing pain in your shoulders. Sometimes pain comes from the joint itself and other times it’s in the surrounding area. Tendinosis and tendinitis are conditions involving inflammation of tendons which can cause extreme discomfort and pain. A dislocated joint, frozen shoulder and shoulder bursae can also be very painful, limiting your ability to perform daily tasks. Even the simplest of activities like getting dressed or brushing your teeth can be a nightmare. Other shoulder pain causes include rotator cuff injury, sprains, and strains.

Without treatment, conditions like frozen shoulder can last a long time with no relief in sight. Shoulder pain is often connected to irritated nerves in your neck and spine. Through chiropractic care, these problems can be corrected so you can find relief from pain.

Signs to Get Professional Help

If your shoulder pain doesn’t subside over a few days, you would do well to visit a Joliet chiropractor for an evaluation. You should also get professional help for pain that keeps coming back. If pain is hindering your mobility, keeping you up at night or not letting you perform daily tasks, seek professional help. If your pain is accompanied by signs of infection, swelling, or deformity of the joint, get a checkup.

Treating Shoulder Pain

When neck, back, and shoulder muscles are tense or out of balance, shoulder pain can result. The first step to treating this pain is getting an accurate diagnosis of your condition. That’s where ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation comes in. We’ll give you a complete examination to determine where the pain is coming from and the best course of action for treatment. Once a diagnosis is made, we’ll outline a treatment plan to deal with your pain.  

Chiropractic care for shoulder pain may entail adjustments and spinal manipulation to correct problems with alignment in your shoulders and back, ice/heat application, massage therapy and stretching exercises. We’ll monitor your progress and adjust techniques as needed to get the desired results.

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