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Auto Accident Injuries

Auto Accident Care at ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation

As frightening as the moment of an auto accident undoubtedly is, the long-term implications for your health, function, and comfort are equally scary. In addition to the acute pain, you may be suffering from whiplash, sciatica and other immediate issues, you may also develop chronic pain and stiffness unless you receive the care your body needs right now. Fortunately, you can get that auto accident care right here at ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation. Our safe, natural techniques get back you back on the road without invasive surgery or drugs.

Man in an auto accident needs chiropractic care.

The Many Miseries of an Auto Accident Injury

An auto accident injury can create all sorts of miseries for you -- miseries extended far beyond the damage sustained by your vehicle. Even at very low speeds, automobiles are heavy enough to convey great amounts of force to their interior contents (including you and your passengers) when they come to a sudden stop, as in a collision. The parts of your body not retained by a safety harness may fly in various directions even as the restrained parts remain still. This causes excessive twisting in the spinal column, resulting in torn back muscles, subluxated joints, and herniated discs. Common symptoms of such injuries include severe back pain and stiffness; if the sciatic nerve becomes pinched by a herniated disc, leg pain, numbness, weakness and other symptoms may also occur.

Your neck is even more vulnerable than your back in an auto accident, which is why so many accident victims suffer from an injury syndrome known as whiplash. Whiplash is so named because of the rapid back-and-forth motion of the head when the body suddenly stops moving. This rebound action can throw your neck vertebrae completely out of alignment, possibly herniated the cervical discs as well (causing upper-extremity symptoms similar to those sciatica). It also tears the muscle and connective tissues in the neck, causing acute pain and stiffness.

Timely Treatment from Our Joliet Chiropractor

no matter how good or bad you feel after an auto accident, you must get a chiropractic evaluation as quickly as possible. Shock and adrenaline can cause pain and other symptoms to be delayed, leading you to think all is well when it isn't -- and allowing lurking injuries to become chronic conditions. Our Joliet chiropractor can examine your spine for signs of misalignment, using traditional chiropractic adjustments and/or the Activator technique to make the necessary corrections. We also offer drug-free soft tissue treatment and rehabilitation through techniques such as massage therapy, physical therapy, cold laser therapy, and kinesiology taping to support and soothe strained muscles. Since each accident (and each body) is unique, we will customize a healing program just for you.

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ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation is ready to help you recover from your auto accident injury. Contact us at 815-207-7463 right now for an appointment so we can put you on the road to recovery!

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